2015-09-23 Kirill SmelkovPROJECT MOVED -> master
2014-10-21 Kazuhiko Shiozakistrip installed binaries.
2014-10-21 Kazuhiko Shiozakiimprove Popen usage in get_installed_files.
2013-08-13 Julien MuchembledDownload cache is unusable if url aren't hashed
2013-07-31 Jondy ZhaoRelease 0.3
2013-07-31 Jondy Zhaosupport arch in section name as [part:platform:arch]
2013-07-14 Jondy ZhaoReplace environment variable CYGCONF_ARGS with CYGCONF_...
2013-07-11 Jondy ZhaoAdd environment variable CYGCONF_ARGS when using cygpor...
2013-07-11 Jondy ZhaoSet the value of 'location' as 'share' in case 'share...
2013-07-11 Jondy ZhaoFix option promises include empty file
2013-07-11 Jondy ZhaoRemove README.txt from
2013-07-11 Jondy ZhaoAdd log message when checking share option
2013-07-11 Jondy ZhaoAdd how to run test and distribute in the README.rst
2013-07-11 Jondy ZhaoAdd missing file README.rst
2013-07-11 Jondy ZhaoRelease 0.2
2013-07-11 Jondy ZhaoMerge branch 'share-install'
2013-07-11 Jondy ZhaoRevert "Change version to 0.2"
2013-07-11 Jondy ZhaoChange platform section name from [arch-platform-name...
2013-07-11 Jondy ZhaoChange version to 0.2
2013-05-02 Cédric de Saint... Release 0.1.1. 0.1.1
2013-05-02 Cédric de Saint... Add changes.txt.
2013-04-30 Jondy ZhaoFix the wrong name 'path_filename'
2013-04-30 Jondy ZhaoFix wrong name 'path_filename'
2013-04-13 Jondy ZhaoSychronize, with master.
2013-04-12 Cédric de Saint... Fix to remove hexagonit. 0.1
2013-04-12 Cédric de Saint... Fix doc rst syntax.
2013-04-12 Cédric de Saint... Finish to switch from h.r.cmmi to s.r.cmmi.
2013-04-12 Jondy ZhaoAdd option 'share'.
2013-04-12 Cédric de Saint... Add missing import in tests.
2013-04-12 Jondy ZhaoAdd option 'promises'
2013-04-12 Jondy ZhaoAdd missing output in the testcases.
2013-04-12 Jondy ZhaoRestore default part directory other than in the Cygwin.
2013-04-12 Jondy ZhaoAdd support for multiple platforms.
2013-04-12 Cédric de Saint... Add missing test dependencies.
2013-04-12 Jondy ZhaoFork hexagonit.recipe.cmmi
2013-04-07 Kai LautaporttiRelease 2.0
2013-04-01 Kai LautaporttiFix missing dependencies.
2013-03-31 Kai LautaporttiNoted supported versions.
2013-03-31 Kai LautaporttiOn Python 2.x test using zc.buildout 1.x and 2.x on...
2013-03-31 Kai LautaporttiOn Python 2.x test using zc.buildout 1.x and 2.x.
2013-03-31 Kai LautaporttiInclude the Travis build status on the README.
2013-03-31 Kai LautaporttiEscape shell commands properly.
2013-03-29 Kai LautaporttiUse the latest zc.buildout versions in the 1.x and...
2013-03-29 Kai LautaporttiFixed a regression.
2013-03-29 Kai LautaporttiRenamed README with .rst ext to render on github.
2013-03-29 Kai LautaporttiAdded contributors list.
2013-03-29 Kai LautaporttiRecorded changes.
2013-03-29 Kai LautaporttiTweaked the travis config.
2013-03-29 Kai LautaporttiAdded more python versions to test on.
2013-03-29 Kai LautaporttiRephrased the tests.
2013-03-29 Kai LautaporttiMerge pull request #10 from mmariani/python3
2013-03-29 Kai LautaporttiTest Python 3.2 also.
2013-03-29 Marco Marianiexcept .. as .. syntax
2013-03-29 Kai LautaporttiAdded Python 3.3. support.
2013-03-29 Kai LautaporttiIgnore .tox
2013-03-29 Kai LautaporttiFlake8 cleanup
2013-03-29 Kai LautaporttiMerge pull request #7 from msabramo/tox-and-travis
2013-03-29 Kai LautaporttiMerge pull request #9 from SlapOS/remove-existing
2013-02-24 Cédric de Saint... Remove compile-directory if it exists before downloadin...
2013-02-24 Cédric de Saint... h.r.cmmi should restart even if user doesn't remove...
2013-02-24 Cédric de Saint... Add .gitignore file.
2012-11-19 Marc AbramowitzAdd .travis.yml for Travis CI
2012-11-19 Marc AbramowitzAdd tox.ini for Tox (
2012-06-28 Kai LautaporttiRelicensed under the 3-clause BSD license.
2012-05-21 Kai LautaporttiRelease 1.5.1
2012-05-21 Kai LautaporttiRecorded changes.
2012-05-21 Kai LautaporttiPEP8/pyflakes cleanup.
2012-05-21 Kai LautaporttiMerge pull request #6 from grzn/master
2012-05-21 Kai LautaporttiMerge pull request #4 from galpin/master
2012-05-20 Guy RozendornRecipe.call_script: script.split fix
2011-01-29 Martin GalpinEnclose --prefix path in quotations to support paths...
2010-12-17 Kai Lautaportti1.5.0 release
2010-12-14 Kai LautaporttiPass the augmented environment to the hook scripts.
2010-12-13 Kai LautaporttiRefactored the environment variable handling logic.
2010-12-13 Kai LautaporttiRemoved the is_build_dir() method
2010-08-27 Kai Lautaportti1.4.0 release.
2010-08-26 Kai LautaporttiCosmetics
2010-08-26 Kai LautaporttiImplemented support for passing make options.
2010-08-26 Kai LautaporttiRemoved the is_build_dir() heuristic and clarified...
2010-08-23 Kai LautaporttiClarified description and added a link to the issue...
2010-08-23 Kai LautaporttiPrepared 1.3.1 release.
2010-08-19 Kai LautaporttiFixed environment variable leaking between parts.
2010-07-21 Kai LautaporttiReverted back to using zope.testing.doctest (Python...
2010-07-21 Kai LautaporttiUse stdlib doctest instead of zope.testing.doctest
2010-07-21 Kai LautaporttiExplicitly set file access bits in tests.
2010-02-19 Nicolas Dumazettest behavior on restart when __compile__ dir is delete...
2010-02-19 Nicolas Dumazetadd a test to check behavior when __compile__ directory...
2010-02-10 Nicolas Dumazetremove trailing whitespaces
2010-02-10 Nicolas DumazetDo not crash when target location exists
2010-02-10 Nicolas DumazetDo not crash if the working directory exists
2009-11-30 Kai LautaporttiRecorded changes
2009-11-30 Kai LautaporttiRestore the original working directory after the recipe...
2009-11-30 Kai LautaporttiRefactored the is_build_dir() helper to make it easier...
2009-11-19 Kai LautaporttiSet newest=false to avoid test breakage due to the...
2009-09-20 Kai LautaporttiSet the release date.
2009-09-19 Kai LautaporttiUpdated to latest changes in
2009-09-19 Kai LautaporttiFixed the documentation.
2009-09-13 Kai LautaporttiSupport for custom --prefix and better control over...
2009-08-05 Kai LautaporttiTypo fix.
2009-08-05 Kai LautaporttiNew feature to facilitate building Perl projects.