2012-04-02 Łukasz NowakFollow buildout requirements.
2012-04-02 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : ImageMagick 6.7.6-3 including security...
2012-04-02 Kazuhiko Shiozakifollow the change of the location of mysql.h.
2012-04-02 Kazuhiko Shiozakiforllow the change of so version and location of libmysql.
2012-04-02 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : busybox 1.19.4.
2012-04-02 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : LibPNG 1.5.10 and 1.2.49 including securit...
2012-03-31 Kazuhiko Shiozakiapply patch in busybox for ubuntu 11.10 build.
2012-03-30 Kazuhiko Shiozakiset CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS too in mariadb, and rebuild mroonga...
2012-03-30 Łukasz NowakMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into erp5
2012-03-30 Kazuhiko Shiozakiupdate md5sum.
2012-03-30 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : MariaDB 5.5.22, groonga-2.0.1 and mroonga...
2012-03-30 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : CMake 2.8.7.
2012-03-30 Łukasz NowakSupport revision and branch overriding.
2012-03-30 Cédric de Saint... Simplify lamp-template example after stack simplification
2012-03-30 Cédric de Saint... Simplify LAMP stack(s) again, by using slapos.cfg stack
2012-03-29 Cédric de Saint... Merge branch 'master' into erp5
2012-03-29 Vincent PelletierRemove trailing whitespaces.
2012-03-29 Vincent Pelletierfixup! Jinja2-ify instance.cfg, tidstorage and cloudooo.
2012-03-29 Cédric de Saint... slapos component : Pin versions slapos-0.78
2012-03-29 Vincent PelletierJinja2-ify instance.cfg, tidstorage and cloudooo.
2012-03-29 Vincent PelletierJinja2-ify instance-kumofs.cfg .
2012-03-29 Vincent PelletierJinja2-ify instance-zope.cfg .
2012-03-29 Vincent PelletierJinja2-ify instance-sphinx.cfg .
2012-03-29 Vincent PelletierJinja2-ify instance-mariadb.cfg .
2012-03-29 Vincent PelletierJinja2-ify instance-varnish.cfg .
2012-03-29 Vincent PelletierJinja2-ify instance-erp5-production.cfg .
2012-03-29 Vincent PelletierJinja2-ify instance-memcached.cfg .
2012-03-29 Vincent PelletierJinja2-ify instance-erp5-development.cfg .
2012-03-29 Vincent PelletierPrepare moving to slapos.recipe.template:jinja2 .
2012-03-29 Alain TakoudjouSlaprunner: pin versions. slapos-0.77
2012-03-29 Cédric de Saint... Advertise development of new version
2012-03-29 Cédric de Saint... Release slapos.cookbook-0.45 (slaprunner) slapos.cookbook-0.45
2012-03-29 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : HAProxy 1.4.20. enable pcre.
2012-03-28 Cédric de Saint... Merge branch 'slaprunner'
2012-03-28 Gabriel MonneratGo back to development
2012-03-28 Gabriel MonneratERP5: pin versions. Version up slapos.cookbook 0.44 slapos-0.76
2012-03-28 Alain TakoudjouSlaprunner template: update partition_amount from 2...
2012-03-28 Alain TakoudjouRemove develop parameter for slaprunner SR
2012-03-28 Alain TakoudjouUpdate md5sum of instance for slaprunner SR
2012-03-28 Cédric de Saint... Add Cloud9 to slaprunner recipe
2012-03-28 Alain Takoudjoufix nodejs in cloud9 componnent
2012-03-28 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : Fontconfig 2.9.0.
2012-03-28 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : SQLite 3.7.11.
2012-03-28 Cédric de Saint... Merge branch 'wordpress' slapos-0.75.2
2012-03-28 Cédric de Saint... Add promise to LAMP Apache
2012-03-28 Cédric de Saint... Release slapos.cookbook-0.44 (lamp) slapos.cookbook-0.44
2012-03-28 Cédric de Saint... Deprecation warning
2012-03-28 Cédric de Saint... Update apache-php recipe to work with Apache-2.4
2012-03-28 Vincent PelletierAdd recipe fetching slap parameters.
2012-03-28 Cédric de Saint... Merge branch 'wordpress'
2012-03-28 Cédric de Saint... Advertise development of new version
2012-03-28 Cédric de Saint... Release slapos.cookbook-0.43 slapos.cookbook-0.43
2012-03-28 Cédric de Saint... PHP : Add explicit dependency to bzip2
2012-03-28 Cédric de Saint... Add all missing .zcml files into egg
2012-03-27 Vincent Pelletierfixup! Drop unused configuration.json .
2012-03-27 Vincent PelletierDrop unused configuration.json .
2012-03-27 Cédric de Saint... Fix PHP 5.3.10 md5 slapos-0.75.1
2012-03-27 Cédric de Saint... Add KVM readme file
2012-03-27 Vincent PelletierMake ip, port optional (disabling network usage).
2012-03-27 Vincent PelletierMake backup-related configuration entries optional.
2012-03-27 Vincent PelletierDrop unused parameter.
2012-03-27 Vincent PelletierMake pt-* optional.
2012-03-27 Vincent PelletierUpdate maatkit naming (now "percona toolkit").
2012-03-27 Vincent Pelletierxrange first parameter can be omitted if 0.
2012-03-27 Vincent PelletierMake test-database, test-user optional.
2012-03-27 Vincent PelletierInline mysql_conf now that there is a single user of...
2012-03-27 Vincent PelletierFetch config from self.config .
2012-03-27 Vincent PelletierReuse available local variable.
2012-03-27 Vincent PelletierTypo in socket variable definition.
2012-03-27 Vincent PelletierMake parallel-test-database-amount, mysql-test-*-base...
2012-03-27 Kazuhiko Shiozakiforgot to add this patch.
2012-03-27 Kazuhiko Shiozakiadd huBarcode and PIL that will be used to 1D/2D barcod...
2012-03-26 Gabriel MonneratAdvertise development of new version
2012-03-26 Gabriel MonneratDescribe recipe changes instead of profile changes.
2012-03-26 Gabriel MonneratGo back to development
2012-03-26 Gabriel MonneratERP5: pin versions slapos-0.75
2012-03-26 Gabriel MonneratUse eggs from pypi
2012-03-26 Gabriel Monneratfix mistake during the merge from erp5 branch to Remov... slapos.cookbook-0.42
2012-03-26 Gabriel Monneratmerge erp5 branch into master
2012-03-26 Gabriel MonneratRevert "merge erp5 branch into master"
2012-03-26 Gabriel MonneratRelease slapos.cookbook-0.42
2012-03-26 Gabriel Monneratmerge erp5 branch into master
2012-03-26 Kazuhiko Shiozakiadd inotifix explicitly in eggs target of stack/erp5...
2012-03-26 Gabriel MonneratAdd gabriel shacache certificate
2012-03-26 Cédric de Saint... Merge branch 'apache'
2012-03-26 Cédric de Saint... Documentation for Apache Frontend Software Release
2012-03-23 Romain CourteaudDecrease tic interval.
2012-03-23 Romain CourteaudDo not automatically modify production system.
2012-03-23 Romain CourteaudTypo
2012-03-23 Romain CourteaudHardcode sections dependency to allow update
2012-03-22 Gabriel Monneratremove configuration duplicated
2012-03-22 Łukasz NowakSilence fatal: empty ident.
2012-03-22 Łukasz NowakAllow to template backend_path.
2012-03-22 Łukasz NowakAllow to provide backend-path.
2012-03-22 Łukasz NowakReact on optional backend-path from json.
2012-03-22 Kazuhiko Shiozakiuse CMF 2.2 explicitly because CMF 2.3 requires Zope...
2012-03-22 Cédric de Saint... Go back to development
2012-03-22 Jean-Baptiste... update stunnel v 4.53 + md5
2012-03-22 Cédric de Saint... Merge branch 'kvm' slapos-0.74
2012-03-22 Ivan TyagovRevert 46d4905578ee63bfca562430636222c143ba5ea0