2015-08-18 Kazuhiko Shiozakipysvn : use on-the-fly patch.
2015-08-18 Kazuhiko Shiozakifixup! version up : LibreOffice
2015-08-18 Kazuhiko Shiozakifix cloudooo revision.
2015-08-18 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : LibreOffice
2015-08-18 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : inkscape 0.91.
2015-08-18 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : boost 1.58.0.
2015-08-18 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up eggs.
2015-08-18 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : MariaDB 10.0.21.
2015-08-18 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : pixman 0.33.2.
2015-08-18 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : cairo 1.14.2.
2015-08-18 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : apache httpd 2.4.16 and 2.2.31.
2015-08-18 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : SQLite3
2015-08-18 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : groonga 5.0.6 and mroonga 5.05.
2015-08-17 Rafael MonneratUpdate development version
2015-08-17 Alain TakoudjouMerge remote-tracking branch 'lab/master'
2015-08-17 Alain TakoudjouMerge branch 'kvm-cluster'
2015-08-17 Alain Takoudjouadd parameters to stop/start VM in cluster and enable...
2015-08-17 Rafael Monneratmonitor sr: Drop smartctl implementation at the softwar...
2015-08-17 Rafael Monneratslapos.toolbox: Version up and include pycurl.
2015-08-17 Kirill SmelkovRevert "Disable fluentd due to really bad rubygems."
2015-08-17 Kirill Smelkov*: Pin rubygems library version when used; Do pinning...
2015-08-17 Ivan TyagovDisable fluentd due to really bad rubygems.
2015-08-13 Rafael Monneratmonitor: Improve and fix monitor software release
2015-08-13 Rafael MonneratPin fluentd version.
2015-08-12 Rafael MonneratAccept frontend parameters to pass to the slave.
2015-08-07 Alain Takoudjoukvm: Improve network speed by using virtio-net-pci...
2015-08-06 Alain TakoudjouMerge branch 'kvm-cluster'
2015-08-06 Alain Takoudjoukvm: fix the check of use_nat parameter
2015-08-06 Alain Takoudjoumonitor: wait for dependencies files before start apach...
2015-08-03 Vincent PelletierMerge branch 'erp5-cluster'
2015-08-03 Vincent Pelletiererp5: Update TODO. erp5-cluster
2015-08-03 Kirill Smelkovwendelin: Teach -dev build to dump all threads tracebac...
2015-08-03 Alain TakoudjouMerge branch 'kvm-cluster'
2015-08-02 Alain Takoudjoukvm: make each network information acessible for VMs
2015-08-02 Alain Takoudjoukvm: disable promise monitor slave frontend for now
2015-08-02 Alain Takoudjoukvm: fix monitor slave frontend software-type
2015-08-02 Alain Takoudjoukvm: add monitor frontend, increase apache connexion...
2015-08-01 Alain Takoudjoukvm: add monitor stack
2015-08-01 Tristan Cavelierpycurl: pycurl component added
2015-07-31 Alain Takoudjoukvm: add check Ansible task promises
2015-07-31 Julien Muchembledpublish-early: fix UnboundLocalError when there's nothi...
2015-07-28 Alain Takoudjouslaprunner: update md5sum
2015-07-27 Cédric Le Ninivinapache-frontend: update egg versions
2015-07-24 Alain Takoudjouslaprunner fixup: remove deleted parts in resilient...
2015-07-24 Alain Takoudjouslaprunner fixup: remove deleted parts in resilient...
2015-07-24 Alain Takoudjouuse slapos.cookbook 0.103
2015-07-24 Alain TakoudjouAdvertise development of new version
2015-07-24 Alain TakoudjouRelease slapos.cookbook 0.103 slapos.cookbook-0.103
2015-07-24 Alain Takoudjouslaprunner fixup: part check-recipe doesn't exist anymore
2015-07-23 Alain TakoudjouMerge branch 'kvm-cluster'
2015-07-23 Alain Takoudjoukvm-cluster: setup apache http server for sharing files...
2015-07-23 Alain Takoudjoukvm: fix kvm_run script, add qed in external disk forma...
2015-07-23 Jérome Perrinslaprunner: include zip command
2015-07-23 Jérome Perrinfixup! slaprunner: fix 401 http errors when no account...
2015-07-20 Jérome Perrinslaprunner: develop slapos.core & slapos.toolbox from... slapos-0.271
2015-07-20 Jérome Perrinslaprunner: modernize develops
2015-07-20 Jérome Perrinslaprunner: improve shell
2015-07-20 Jérome Perrinslaprunner: allow to configure the window title by...
2015-07-20 Alain Takoudjouslaprunner: make custom-frontend-promise an option.
2015-07-20 Jérome Perrinslaprunner: fix 401 http errors when no account exist
2015-07-20 Jérome Perrinslaprunner: fix setting of $HOME
2015-07-20 Jérome Perrinslaprunner: Include /bin & /usr/bin in $PATH by default
2015-07-20 Jérome Perrinslaprunner: enable tig
2015-07-20 Jérome Perrinadd tig component
2015-07-20 Jérome Perrinslaprunner: use shellinabox from github
2015-07-20 Jérome Perrinshellinabox: add parrallel version from https://github...
2015-07-20 Jérome Perrinfixup! slaprunner: add configurable cpu-ratio parameter
2015-07-20 Jérome Perrinslaprunner: remove outdated comment
2015-07-20 Jérome Perrinslaprunner: fix the typical french speaker mistake...
2015-07-20 Alain Takoudjouadd POST method to simplehttpserver and support for...
2015-07-19 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up eggs.
2015-07-19 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : R 3.2.1.
2015-07-19 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : gettext
2015-07-19 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : gcc 5.2.0.
2015-07-19 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up eggs.
2015-07-19 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : lunzip 1.7.
2015-07-19 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : gettext 0.19.5.
2015-07-19 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : setuptools 18.0.1.
2015-07-19 Julien Muchembledversion up: zc.buildout 1.7.1.post10
2015-07-19 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up eggs.
2015-07-17 Julien MuchembledERP5: prevent zope to start as long as the list of...
2015-07-17 Saurabh BansodPublished parameters as simple storage for generated...
2015-07-17 Kirill Smelkovkvm: Kill duplicate text in README.txt
2015-07-13 Saurabh BansodStart new NEO cluster automatically
2015-07-13 Sebastien RobinOpenBLAS: give instructions for Broadwell CPU
2015-07-13 Romain Courteauderp5: activate deflate on apache
2015-07-10 Kazuhiko ShiozakiMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into erp5...
2015-07-10 Kazuhiko Shiozakifixup! version up : OpenSSL 1.0.2d.
2015-07-10 Kazuhiko ShiozakiMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into erp5...
2015-07-09 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : OpenSSL 1.0.2d.
2015-07-08 Julien MuchembledNEO: change default ports of admin & master nodes ...
2015-07-08 Saurabh BansodMake it possible to instanciate 1 NEO DB inside an...
2015-07-07 Julien MuchembledMerge branch 'master' into erp5-cluster
2015-07-07 Julien Muchembledfixup! libtool does not build anymore without m4
2015-07-07 Julien Muchembledlibtool does not build anymore without m4
2015-07-05 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : HAProxy 1.5.14.
2015-07-03 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : trafficserver 4.2.3.
2015-07-02 Julien MuchembledERP5/NEO: fix a few errors in json schemas + some clean up
2015-07-02 Cédric Le Ninivinerp5_cluster: leave ERP5 set the haproxy cookie
2015-07-02 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up eggs.