2012-11-20 Marco MarianiMerge branch 'resiliency_annotated' into lapp
2012-11-20 Marco Marianitemplate -> instance
2012-11-20 Marco MarianiMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/lapp' into lapp
2012-11-20 Marco Marianirenamed template -> instance, etc.
2012-11-19 Marco Marianimoved sections, comments
2012-11-19 Marco Marianicomments to align inter-branch diffs
2012-11-19 Marco Marianinew renaming logic
2012-11-19 Marco Marianiavoid busy loops, use threadsafe Queue
2012-11-16 Marco Marianiadd option to enable/disable bully
2012-11-16 Marco Marianicomments
2012-11-15 Cédric de Saint... Fix md5
2012-11-15 Cédric de Saint... Follow recent changes in SLAP lib: catch more exceptions
2012-11-15 Marco Marianirenamed variables for clarity, string constants, cleanup
2012-11-15 Marco Marianirearrange sections, minimize diffs, comments
2012-11-15 Marco Marianirearrange sections, minimize diffs
2012-11-14 Marco Marianimaarch-configuration recipe
2012-11-14 Marco Marianimade lapp stack independent from maarch; comments
2012-11-13 Marco MarianiMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/lapp' into lapp
2012-11-13 Cédric de Saint... Raise if software_type is not mapped.
2012-11-13 Marco Marianirenamed part
2012-11-13 Marco Marianiadded cron part + empty dirs
2012-11-13 Marco Marianiremoved hardcoded develop path
2012-11-13 Marco Marianimoved apache, postgres cfgs in own directories, renamed...
2012-11-13 Marco Marianiset TMPDIR for pear
2012-11-13 Marco Marianiuse new buildout, do not call loads()
2012-11-13 Marco Marianimoved socket file, restricted permissions
2012-11-13 Marco Mariani-
2012-11-13 Marco Marianirefactor
2012-11-13 Marco Marianiuse global-ipv6 in the pg recipe as well
2012-11-13 Marco Marianiuse global-ipv6 instead of ipv6_host to avoid !py!
2012-11-13 Marco Marianifixed postgres reference
2012-11-13 Marco Marianifixed path
2012-11-13 Marco Marianipostgres promise
2012-11-13 Marco Marianisafely skip existing config files
2012-11-13 Marco Marianiidempotent recipe
2012-11-13 Marco Marianiadded some docs; fixed pw encryption
2012-11-13 Marco Marianicreate and configure 'docservers' directories
2012-11-13 Marco Marianitypo fix
2012-11-13 Marco Marianiremove unused
2012-11-13 Marco Marianiload initial database
2012-11-13 Marco Marianiproperly compile psycopg2
2012-11-13 Marco Marianiparameters for maarch.configuration recipe
2012-11-13 Marco Marianiinclude psycopg2 egg
2012-11-13 Marco Marianifix for pear modules
2012-11-13 Marco Marianionly listen to ipv6 address, and unix socket
2012-11-13 Marco Marianimaarch configuration recipe
2012-11-13 Marco Marianiremoved mysql from php compilation
2012-11-13 Marco Marianiupdated postgres to 9.1.6 - fixes corruption issue
2012-11-13 Marco Marianicreate db and user in separate steps
2012-11-13 Marco Marianicreate the superuser, set his password, provide a php.ini
2012-11-13 Marco Marianipear module: CLITools
2012-11-13 Marco Marianisubstituted pdo with plain pgsql
2012-11-13 Marco Marianiadded pear module: MIME_Type
2012-11-13 Marco Marianireference correct part; added md5sum
2012-11-13 Marco Marianipreliminary lapp and maarch support
2012-11-13 Marco Marianiremark
2012-11-13 Marco Mariani'exec' the postgres command to control it from supervisor
2012-11-13 Marco Marianireplaced @ in uri
2012-11-13 Marco Marianidon't do anything if data directory exists; fix ipv6 url
2012-11-13 Marco Marianiadded recipe and software release for postgres
2012-11-13 Viktor HorvathPostgreSQL (from training in April 2012)
2012-11-13 Marco Marianirefactor: removed templating over python code, added...
2012-11-13 Marco Marianirefactor: main function, Renamer class, logging
2012-11-13 Marco Marianirefactor: extracted template arguments
2012-11-12 Marco Marianimade the script 'runnable'
2012-11-09 Cédric de Saint... Merge branch 'slaprunner' slapos-0.138
2012-11-09 Cédric de Saint... Pin versions
2012-11-09 Cédric de Saint... Create cloud9 .sessions directory before it has chance...
2012-11-09 Cédric de Saint... Patch cloud9 so that sessions files are created in...
2012-11-09 Marco Marianireplace unescaped % with .format()
2012-11-09 Cédric de Saint... Fix typos
2012-11-09 Marco Marianiadded missing import
2012-11-09 Marco MarianiMerge branch 'resiliency_annotated' of https://git...
2012-11-09 Marco Marianiuse keyword arguments
2012-11-09 Marco Marianiupdated md5
2012-11-09 Marco Marianideactivate bully script
2012-11-09 Marco Marianirefactored backup recipe
2012-11-09 Marco Marianidrupal version bump (security)
2012-11-09 Marco Marianifurther rename-simplify-cleanup
2012-11-09 Marco Marianifurther directory renaming, small cleanup
2012-11-09 Marco Marianirenamed templates -> instance*
2012-11-09 Marco Marianinew default root
2012-11-09 Marco Marianirevert 081556ba40... and solve it by catching ResourceN...
2012-11-09 Marco Marianiindentation, minor cleanup
2012-11-09 Marco Marianiprovide fake url to allow building of slappart7/8
2012-11-09 Marco Marianiuse simple sh wrapper instead of python script
2012-11-09 Marco Marianitrack multiple callbacks
2012-11-09 Marco Marianicorrectly assign slave instances
2012-11-09 Marco Marianicorrectly split key_type + key value
2012-11-09 Marco Marianiuse createWrapper() for rdiff-backup
2012-11-09 Marco Marianiuse createWrapper() for dcron/notifier/pbs
2012-11-09 Marco Marianiremark about names
2012-11-09 Cédric de Saint... Remove references to 36000 *directory parts
2012-11-09 Cédric de Saint... Use 'service' directory to have watched processes by...
2012-11-09 Cédric de Saint... Update cloud9
2012-11-08 Marco Marianiupdated md5
2012-11-08 Marco Marianideactivate bully script
2012-11-08 Cédric de Saint... Apache frontend: Explain parameters.
2012-11-07 Marco Marianirefactored backup recipe
2012-11-07 Cédric de Saint... Use newer slapos.cookbook