2011-12-14 Antoine CattonUse option instead of going through buildout to get...
2011-12-14 Antoine CattonCopy slave instance list in pbs section of lamp.
2011-12-14 Antoine CattonSave secret_key in order to avoid changing it every...
2011-12-13 Antoine CattonGenerate secret key for php application.
2011-12-13 Antoine CattonAdd dropbear parts to main lamp backuped instance.cfg
2011-12-13 Antoine CattonAvoid pbs recipe to fail.
2011-12-13 Antoine CattonAvoid having None in known_hosts file.
2011-12-12 Antoine CattonFinish the profile of lamp stack.
2011-12-12 Antoine CattonRun bang every time ssh failed on pbs promises.
2011-12-12 Antoine CattonAdd apacheproxy recipe.
2011-12-09 Antoine CattonSwitch pbs promise timeout to sigterm catch.
2011-12-09 Antoine CattonDefault value on pull backup slave instance title
2011-12-06 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : MariaDB 5.3.2-beta
2011-11-30 Antoine CattonUpdate the dropbear url.
2011-11-30 Antoine CattonVersion up stunnel from 4.49 to 4.49.
2011-11-23 Antoine CattonEasily switch from main MariaDB to backup one
2011-11-22 Antoine CattonPublish notification based lamp stack.
2011-11-22 Antoine CattonModify pbs recipe in order to support notifications
2011-11-22 Antoine CattonAdd notifier recipe.
2011-11-22 Antoine CattonBugfix: stunnel recipe pass if stunnel didn't cleaned...
2011-11-22 Antoine CattonAdd equeue recipe.
2011-11-22 Antoine CattonMinor: Rename rdiffbackup entrypoint into pbs
2011-11-22 Antoine CattonMinor: print prettier log with simplelogger
2011-11-22 Antoine CattonRenamed rdiffbackup recipe into pbs recipe.
2011-11-17 Antoine CattonAdd Boa component
2011-11-17 Antoine CattonAdd configuration reload in apachephp recipe.
2011-11-16 Antoine CattonUse stunnel post-rotate-script in lamp stack
2011-11-16 Antoine CattonAdd post_rotate script on stunnel
2011-11-16 Antoine CattonModify stack/lamp in order to switch easily to backup.
2011-11-16 Antoine CattonAdd SIGHUP to stunnel recipe in order to reload stunnel...
2011-11-16 Antoine CattonAdd --force on rdiff-backup restoration
2011-11-16 Antoine CattonAdd timeout on ssh rdiff-backup promise.
2011-11-16 Antoine CattonSwitch lamp stack to pull backup server.
2011-11-16 Antoine CattonSwitch rdiff backup recipe to slave instance based...
2011-11-16 Antoine CattonAdd slave capability on request recipe.
2011-11-16 Antoine CattonClean up ssh-key generation.
2011-11-16 Antoine CattonAdd dropbear client recipe.
2011-11-09 Antoine CattonUse part name for install.cfg in software type recipe
2011-11-08 Antoine CattonSimplelogger recipe now log in only one file (easier...
2011-11-08 Antoine CattonAdd json serialisation on non string parameter in softw...
2011-11-08 Antoine CattonBugfix: softwaretype recipe now support software_type...
2011-11-08 Antoine CattonWhitespace cleaning on softwaretype recipe
2011-11-07 Antoine Cattonstunnel: version up 4.45 to 4.46
2011-11-03 Antoine CattonAdd rdiffbackup generic recipe
2011-11-03 Antoine CattonMinor: more meaningful error
2011-11-03 Antoine CattonMinor: Copy options instead of passing reference.
2011-11-03 Antoine CattonAdd inotify librecipe api used in ssh_keysauthority
2011-11-03 Antoine CattonMove unparseUrl from genericslap to generic base recipe
2011-11-03 Antoine CattonDo everything in the install of stunnel recipe
2011-11-03 Antoine CattonImprove request recipe in order to fail properly
2011-11-03 Antoine CattonModify publish recipe in order to publish everything
2011-11-03 Antoine CattonAdd dropbear generic recipe
2011-11-03 Antoine CattonAdd sshkeys_authority generic recipe
2011-11-03 Antoine CattonAdd dirty “no shell checking” patch to dropbear in...
2011-11-03 Antoine CattonAdd dash component : a minimal shell used by busybox
2011-11-02 Antoine CattonMinor: bugfix on dropbear single user patch.
2011-10-31 Antoine CattonMinor: Remove unused import.
2011-10-28 Antoine CattonMinor: remove unused import
2011-10-28 Antoine CattonMinor: fix typo on comment
2011-10-27 Antoine CattonRemove any time.sleep() from execute. Use inotify instead.
2011-10-27 Łukasz NowakPublish urls.
2011-10-26 Antoine CattonMerge 'master' into generic-lamp
2011-10-26 Antoine CattonRemote MySQL slow query log.
2011-10-26 Antoine CattonUse --force on duplicity to restore backup
2011-10-26 Antoine CattonAdd cache option to duplicity
2011-10-26 Antoine CattonCleanup the lamp stack
2011-10-25 Antoine CattonThanks to self contained lamp stack. The lamp software...
2011-10-25 Antoine CattonReplace apache-php by self contained lamp stack
2011-10-25 Antoine CattonMinor: strip slashes on urlparse_ recipe
2011-10-25 Antoine CattonFinal improvement of stunnel recipe
2011-10-25 Antoine CattonMinor: bug fix on publish url recipe
2011-10-25 Antoine CattonFinal improvement of mysql
2011-10-25 Antoine CattonFinal improvement of mydumper
2011-10-25 Antoine CattonMinor: bugfix on lockfile recipe
2011-10-25 Antoine CattonAdd apachephp recipe
2011-10-25 Antoine CattonMinor: fixing a comment. pidwrapper was the oldname...
2011-10-25 Antoine CattonUpgrade stunnel from 4.44 to 4.45
2011-10-25 Antoine CattonUpgrade stunnel from 4.44 to 4.45
2011-10-24 Cédric de Saint... Pin versions
2011-10-24 Łukasz NowakNow this problem shall be solved by networkcache.
2011-10-24 Cédric de Saint... Merge branch 'master' into webrunner
2011-10-24 Antoine CattonMinor: fix davstorage software.cfg
2011-10-24 Antoine CattonUse urllib.quote to quote login and password
2011-10-24 Antoine CattonAdd mydumper generic recipe.
2011-10-24 Antoine CattonAdd promises on davstorage recipe
2011-10-24 Antoine CattonAdd homemade filehash library in librecipe
2011-10-21 Antoine CattonFix promises path in davstorage software release
2011-10-21 Antoine CattonFinalize duplicity recipe in order to have push and...
2011-10-21 Antoine CattonUse meanful parameters in publishurl recipe
2011-10-21 Antoine CattonAdd urlparse recipe
2011-10-21 Antoine CattonAdd lockfile recipe
2011-10-21 Cédric de Saint... Allow buildout to fetch netifaces from its origin site
2011-10-21 Łukasz NowakAllow to fetch netifaces from original site.
2011-10-20 Romain Courteaudcron.d name should be mandatory.
2011-10-20 Alain TakoudjouMerge branch 'lamp' into master:
2011-10-20 Łukasz NowakMake GenericSlapRecipe subclass of GenericBaseRecipe.
2011-10-20 Łukasz NowakExpose buildout too.
2011-10-20 Romain CourteaudAllow to propagate multilines parameter
2011-10-20 Łukasz NowakSimplify.
2011-10-20 Romain CourteaudRequest recipe should not fail if requested partition...