2012-06-07 Vincent Pelletierfixup! fixup! Expose software type separately from...
2012-06-07 Vincent Pelletierfixup! Expose software type separately from partition...
2012-06-07 Vincent PelletierBump buildout egg version, as erp5 SR requires new...
2012-06-07 Vincent PelletierStrip unneeded linebreak in rendering.
2012-06-07 Vincent PelletierMerge several sections using slapos.cookbook:mkdirectory .
2012-06-07 Vincent PelletierMove zope configuration file out of recipe, into a...
2012-06-07 Vincent PelletierStop using slap-network-information section.
2012-06-07 Vincent PelletierProvide access to partition network settings.
2012-06-07 Vincent PelletierRely on buildout serialisation.
2012-06-07 Vincent PelletierExpose software type separately from partition parameters.
2012-06-07 Vincent PelletierSimplify code.
2012-06-07 Vincent PelletierFix indentation.
2012-06-07 Vincent PelletierRename slapparameters into slapconfiguration.
2012-06-07 Vincent PelletierDrop parameters unused in template.
2012-06-07 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : MariaDB 5.5.24.
2012-06-07 Aurélien Calonnecompiling mariadb with this option make mysql-python...
2012-06-07 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : SQLite
2012-06-07 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : groonga-2.0.3 and mroonga-2.03.
2012-06-07 Kazuhiko Shiozakibuild without lzma explicitly.
2012-06-07 Kazuhiko Shiozakibuild without lzma explicitly.
2012-06-07 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : HAProxy 1.4.21.
2012-06-07 Vincent PelletierDo not use pull --rebase.
2012-06-07 Leonardo Rochael... Add zlib to tesseract rpath
2012-06-07 Leonardo Rochael... Disable X11 support for giflib
2012-06-07 Leonardo Rochael... fixup! Clarify patch intent.
2012-06-07 Leonardo Rochael... tesseract: Explicitly provide jbigkit link path
2012-06-07 Leonardo Rochael... Clarify patch intent.
2012-06-07 Leonardo Rochael... tesseract patch: remove BOM from header file
2012-06-07 Leonardo Rochael... Remove unused tesseract-share part
2012-06-07 Leonardo Rochael... fixup! Simplify tesseract build
2012-06-07 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : Libxml2 2.8.0.
2012-06-07 Leonardo Rochael... Simplify tesseract build
2012-06-07 Leonardo Rochael... Manually run autoconf to build tesseract
2012-06-07 Leonardo Rochael... Newer perl to fix compilation problems on ubuntu
2012-06-07 Leonardo Rochael... Fix tesseract building on machines without leptonica
2012-06-07 Vincent PelletierDocument existing but undocumented option.
2012-06-07 Leonardo Rochael... Newer tesseract version
2012-06-07 Leonardo Rochael... Add libmagic location to Python rpath
2012-06-07 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : OpenSSL 1.0.1c, including bug and security...
2012-06-07 Kazuhiko Shiozakiadd more pkgconfig directories and remove explicit...
2012-06-07 Vincent PelletierStop using "git pull" and meaningless identity when...
2012-06-07 Kazuhiko Shiozakiuse erp5-component branch of erp5 repository for erp5...
2012-06-07 Kazuhiko Shiozakiuse erp5-component branch for slapos.cookbook-repositor...
2012-06-05 Romain CourteaudFix component URL.
2012-06-05 Yingjie XuUpgrade libreoffice version.
2012-06-04 Ivan TyagovMd5 sum changed.
2012-05-29 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : ImageMagick 6.7.7-2.
2012-05-22 Rafael MonneratPinned cloudooo revision for ERP5
2012-05-19 Rafael MonneratRevert change on
2012-05-19 Rafael MonneratUpdate ImageMagick
2012-05-18 Rafael MonneratInclude pdftk and dirname links
2012-05-17 Rafael Monneratcloudooo do not require xpdf
2012-05-17 Rafael MonneratRemove fix versions for cloudooo
2012-05-16 Priscila ManhaesUpdated ffmpeg to version 0.8.5
2012-05-16 Priscila Manhaesupdated libx264 to core 116, cause ffmpeg 0.7.6 only...
2012-05-16 Priscila ManhaesUpdated ffmpeg version to 0.7.6 that fix some bugs...
2012-05-16 Rafael MonneratUnify cloudooo with erp5 and install it direct from git
2012-05-16 Rafael MonneratAdded env-PATH and more mimetypes to
2012-05-16 Rafael MonneratUpdate Imagemagick to 6.7.6-9
2012-05-11 Tatuya KamadaFollow the slapos default configuration of varnish...
2012-05-10 Kazuhiko Shiozakiadd 'XEXT_LIBS=-lX11' explicitly otherwise our libXext...
2012-05-10 Sebastien Robinadd english dictionary for aspell and improve aspell...
2012-05-10 Vincent PelletierDocument "request" recipe.
2012-05-10 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : cmake 2.8.8.
2012-05-10 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : groonga-2.0.2 and mroonga-2.02.
2012-05-10 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : poppler 0.18.4 introducing pdfunite and...
2012-05-10 Vincent PelletierSave a __setattr__ on construction.
2012-05-10 Vincent PelletierDon't set properties when local variables are enough.
2012-05-10 Vincent PelletierSimplify code a bit.
2012-05-10 Vincent PelletierDrop redundant sections.
2012-05-10 Sebastien Robinfixed two typos
2012-05-10 Vincent PelletierStop using "git pull" and meaningless identity when...
2012-05-10 Kazuhiko Shiozakidisable document generation explicitly.
2012-05-10 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : Zope 2.12.23.
2012-05-10 Tatuya KamadaMake it more versatile.
2012-05-08 Tatuya KamadaStop removing Expires header
2012-05-08 Tatuya KamadaMake instance-varnish.cfg as a dyanmic template
2012-05-02 Rafael MonneratMerge branch 'erp5' into erp5-librsvg
2012-05-02 Sebastien Robinincrease version of LibreOffice to 3.5.3
2012-05-02 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : ImageMagick 6.7.6-8.
2012-05-02 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : OpenSSL 1.0.1a, including security fixes.
2012-05-02 Łukasz NowakVersion up: 6.7.6-7
2012-05-01 Rafael MonneratMerge branch 'erp5' into erp5-librsvg
2012-04-25 Kazuhiko Shiozakisupport both IPv4 and IPv6 address.
2012-04-25 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : Git 1.7.10. Our previous version seems...
2012-04-25 Tatuya KamadaFix the usage of -a option. The option -a has different...
2012-04-25 Tatuya KamadaSimplify the code.
2012-04-25 Tatuya KamadaAdd a parameter to configure the entry point url for...
2012-04-20 Rafael MonneratIncluded librsvg component to imagemagick and ERP5
2012-04-20 Kazuhiko Shiozakireadd $1 that was dropped by mistake in 3cf5e6552c1c597...
2012-04-20 Rafael MonneratMerged master branch in order to update gtk related...
2012-04-20 Tatuya KamadaFix indentations, add several comments.
2012-04-20 Tatuya KamadaSplit a functional modification and a cosmetic one...
2012-04-20 Tatuya KamadaRevert "Introduce the best practices from erp5 public...
2012-04-20 Kazuhiko Shiozakiadd a workaround for
2012-04-19 Yingjie XuAdvertise development of new version
2012-04-19 Yingjie XuRelease slapos.cookbook-0.47. slapos.cookbook-0.47
2012-04-19 Yingjie XuMerge branch 'agent'
2012-04-19 Yingjie XuDisable develop eggs.
2012-04-19 Yingjie XuSlapOS Test Agent Packaging.