Fix the issue that generate.cloudooo recipe does not work
[slapos.git] / software / erp5 / instance-zope.cfg
2011-11-22 Romain CourteaudMerge branch 'erp5' into erp5-generic
2011-11-17 Sebastien RobinMerge branch 'erp5' into erp5-generic
2011-10-25 Łukasz NowakMerge branch 'erp5' into erp5-generic
2011-10-25 Łukasz NowakMerge branch 'erp5' into erp5-generic
2011-10-21 Łukasz NowakMerge branch 'erp5' into erp5-generic
2011-10-20 Łukasz NowakPublish all data.
2011-10-20 Łukasz NowakThis is certificate authority directory.
2011-10-20 Łukasz NowakFollow - separated words.
2011-10-20 Łukasz NowakDefine defaults.
2011-10-20 Łukasz NowakGenerate ERP5 specific certificate authority.
2011-10-20 Łukasz NowakProvide reasonable defaults.
2011-10-20 Łukasz NowakInclude erp5 update and binary linking.
2011-10-20 Łukasz NowakMake zope development default (WIP)
2011-10-20 Romain CourteaudRemove trailing /
2011-10-18 Łukasz NowakAdd apache backend for zope.
2011-10-18 Łukasz NowakStabilise naming.
2011-10-18 Łukasz NowakExpose products.
2011-10-18 Łukasz NowakExpose bt5 repository.
2011-10-18 Łukasz NowakExpose inituser directly.
2011-10-18 Łukasz NowakWorkaround slapos.recipe.template bug.
2011-10-18 Łukasz NowakRename section to follow convention (-instance suffix).
2011-10-17 Łukasz NowakContinue profile based zope instantiation.
2011-10-17 Łukasz NowakUse killpidfromfile from software.
2011-10-17 Łukasz NowakSwitch zope instantiation to a profile based.
2011-10-17 Romain CourteaudEmpty profile skeletons.