slapos.tool.networkcache was removed from pypi.
[slapos.git] / software / erp5testnode / software.cfg
2011-06-08 Łukasz Nowakslapos.tool.networkcache was removed from pypi.
2011-05-27 Łukasz NowakUse slapos.rebootstrap and slapos.toolbox.
2011-05-27 Łukasz NowakUse slapos.cookbook instead of old recipes.
2011-05-27 Łukasz NowakAs name is in unknown yet revert moving to new distribu...
2011-05-27 Łukasz NowakFix typo.
2011-05-27 Łukasz NowakSwitch to cookbook.
2011-05-26 Łukasz NowakImport