Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into slapos-testing
[slapos.git] / software / lxc /
2012-09-06 Cédric de Saint... Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into slapo...
2012-08-29 Antoine CattonPin versions slapos-0.115
2012-08-29 Antoine CattonMerge branch 'lxc'
2012-08-29 Antoine CattonAdd promises on lxc SR
2012-08-29 Antoine CattonAdd rootfs url to the readme
2012-08-28 Łukasz NowakMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into html5as
2012-08-28 Antoine CattonMerge branch 'gitweb'
2012-08-28 Antoine CattonPin versions slapos-0.111
2012-08-27 Antoine CattonPin versions slapos-0.110
2012-08-27 Antoine CattonMerge branch 'lxc'
2012-08-27 Antoine CattonFix bad permissions on lxc-template
2012-08-27 Antoine CattonRemove useless find-links on lxc SR profile
2012-08-27 Antoine CattonMerge branch 'lxc'
2012-08-24 Thomas LechauveMerge branch 'html5as' of
2012-08-24 Thomas LechauveMerge master branch to get tar component.
2012-08-24 Antoine CattonRemove slapos.cookbook:template dependency from lxc
2012-08-23 Antoine CattonPin versions slapos-0.107
2012-08-22 Antoine CattonPin versions slapos-0.103
2012-08-22 Antoine CattonMerge branch 'lxc'
2012-08-22 Antoine CattonUpdate lxc software release
2012-08-21 Antoine CattonMove rootfs.README to lxc software release directory
2012-08-17 Antoine CattonPin slapcontainer version
2012-08-14 Antoine CattonUse archived rootfs
2012-08-14 Antoine CattonAdd some security options
2012-08-14 Antoine CattonLXC : publish https url instead of http
2012-08-10 Antoine CattonAdd shellinabox to lxc recipe
2012-08-07 Antoine CattonPut the instance status into lxc.conf
2012-08-06 Antoine CattonPass the bridge name to
2012-08-06 Antoine CattonUpdate lxc software release to new recipes
2012-08-01 Antoine CattonRemove promise
2012-07-31 Antoine CattonMerge branch 'lxc-capabilities-experiment' into lxc
2012-07-30 Antoine CattonSwitch to images for rootfs
2012-07-30 Antoine CattonUpdate lxc/instance-lxc.cfg
2012-07-30 Antoine CattonUpdate lxc software release to fit with refactoring
2012-07-30 Antoine CattonAdd interface information for slapcontainer script
2012-07-30 Antoine CattonFix how lxml-python was linked in lxc SR
2012-07-30 Antoine CattonAdd lxc profile