Add nayuos software recipe.
[slapos.git] / component / openblas / buildout.cfg
2016-02-12 Isabelle ValletAdd nayuos software recipe.
2016-02-10 Jérome Perrincomponent/openblas: put `build-common-options` in one...
2016-02-02 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : OpenBLAS 0.2.15. First try with auto-detec... erp5-component
2015-10-22 Alain TakoudjouMerge branch 'master' into kvm-cluster
2015-08-24 Kazuhiko Shiozakiversion up : OpenBLAS 0.2.14.
2015-08-03 Vincent PelletierMerge branch 'erp5-cluster'
2015-07-23 Alain TakoudjouMerge branch 'kvm-cluster'
2015-07-13 Sebastien RobinOpenBLAS: give instructions for Broadwell CPU
2015-03-20 Alain TakoudjouMerge branch 'kvm-cluster' into master
2015-03-09 Kazuhiko ShiozakiMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into erp5...
2015-03-05 Kazuhiko Shiozakiuse OpenBLAS instead of ATLAS to build numpy.