Cleanup test result when SubprocessError is raised.
[slapos.git] / slapos / recipe / erp5testnode /
2011-06-29 Vincent PelletierCleanup test result when SubprocessError is raised.
2011-06-29 Vincent PelletierReuse SubprocessError exception in more error cases.
2011-06-29 Vincent PelletierRemove no-op.
2011-06-29 Vincent PelletierRemove debugging log.
2011-06-29 Vincent PelletierIncrease verbosity.
2011-06-29 Vincent PelletierUse timestamped logger in Updater & SlapOSControler.
2011-06-29 Vincent PelletierOutput formated timestamp in front of each message.
2011-06-29 Vincent PelletierDon't write to some dynamically-named, pwd-relative...
2011-06-29 Vincent PelletierCatch all RPC exceptions.
2011-06-29 Vincent PelletierMove log files to testrunner's log_directory.
2011-06-29 Vincent PelletierProvide and use run_directory instead of computing it.
2011-06-23 Vincent PelletierDefine profile_path on individual repository list entry.
2011-06-20 Sebastien Robinsave memory by stopping supervisor
2011-06-14 Sebastien RobinMerge branch 'erp5testnode'
2011-06-14 Sebastien Robinfixed typo
2011-06-14 Sebastien Robinfixed typo
2011-06-14 Sebastien Robinremove blank lines
2011-06-14 Sebastien Robinmake runComputerPartition reporting errors to the master
2011-06-14 Sebastien Robinmove stdout and stderr file creation in testnode
2011-06-14 Sebastien Robinremove useless code already commented out
2011-06-14 Sebastien RobinMerge branch 'master' into erp5testnode
2011-06-06 Sebastien Robinit is required to pass test_suite_title to runTestSuite
2011-06-06 Sebastien Robinuntil we have better recipe for getting git repositorie...
2011-06-06 Sebastien RobinMerge branch 'erp5testnode'
2011-06-06 Sebastien Robinfixed another variable name
2011-06-06 Sebastien Robinfixed some variable names
2011-06-06 Sebastien Robinadd parameters test_suite_title and test_node_title
2011-06-04 Sebastien RobinMerge branch 'erp5testnode'
2011-06-03 Sebastien RobinMerge branch 'master' into erp5testnode
2011-06-03 Sebastien Robinadd support for multi-repositories
2011-05-26 Łukasz NowakSynchronise with
2011-05-26 Łukasz NowakMerge erp5.recipe.testnode into slapos.recipebox:erp5te...