Fix typo in instance attribute name.
[slapos.git] / slapos / recipe / erp5 /
2011-07-29 Arnaud FontaineFix typo in instance attribute name.
2011-07-28 Rafael MonneratWait longer between the runs.
2011-07-28 Rafael MonneratPost conversion coordinates when create the System...
2011-07-28 Rafael MonneratNo need use variable here
2011-07-28 Rafael MonneratIncrease long wait to 5 minutes instead 3 minutes betwe...
2011-07-28 Rafael MonneratIt is not required to wait for activities here.
2011-07-28 Rafael MonneratUse Set() instead lists to simplify the code.
2011-07-28 Rafael MonneratRemove not implemented code, Such API is not well defin...
2011-07-28 Rafael MonneratUse new TemplateTool API
2011-07-28 Rafael Monneratsimplify check for activities running.
2011-07-28 Rafael MonneratFix Default value
2011-07-28 Rafael MonneratNow portal_introspections is present since begin.
2011-07-06 Łukasz NowakMerge branch 'master' into slapos
2011-07-01 Cédric de Saint... Merge branch 'master' into kvm
2011-07-01 Łukasz NowakMerge branch 'master' into erp5
2011-06-30 Łukasz NowakMerge branch 'master' into erp5
2011-06-29 Łukasz NowakMerge branch 'master' into erp5
2011-06-21 Rafael MonneratRefactore erp5 site creation
2011-05-26 Łukasz NowakMerge slapos.recipe.erp5 as slapos.recipebox:erp5.