stack-monitor: added cgi interface for control
[slapos.git] / stack / boinc /
2014-02-11 Kazuhiko ShiozakiMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into erp5t...
2013-07-16 Cédric Le Ninivinslaprunner: Merge branch 'slaprunner' with master slaprunner-resilient-v1-RC1
2013-07-16 Cédric Le NinivinMerge branch 'slaprunner-resiliency'
2013-07-09 Cédric de Saint... Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/slaprunner'
2013-06-06 Kazuhiko ShiozakiMerge branch 'erp5' into erp5-z2.13
2013-06-06 Kazuhiko ShiozakiMerge branch 'erp5-component' into erp5
2013-06-05 Kazuhiko ShiozakiMerge remote-tracking branch 'master' into erp5-component
2013-05-31 Alain TakoudjouMerge branch 'grid-computing' slapos-0.165
2013-05-31 Alain TakoudjouMerge branch 'trac'
2013-05-31 Alain TakoudjouRemove develop-eggs, set slapos.cookbook versions
2013-05-31 Alain TakoudjouMerge branche "trac" into master
2013-05-31 Alain TakoudjouMerge branch 'grid-computing'
2013-05-30 Kazuhiko ShiozakiMerge branch 'erp5' into erp5-z2.13
2013-05-30 Kazuhiko ShiozakiMerge branch 'erp5-component' into erp5
2013-05-29 Alain TakoudjouAdd URL to view and download BOINC result
2013-05-28 Alain Takoudjoufix setuptools version
2013-05-28 Alain TakoudjouAdd certificate, using working eggs versions
2013-05-28 Alain TakoudjouUpgrade BOINC client
2013-05-28 Alain TakoudjouBuild the latest stable version of BOINC
2013-05-27 Alain TakoudjouRemove some pinned version
2013-05-24 Kazuhiko ShiozakiMerge branch 'master' into erp5-component
2013-05-24 Kazuhiko ShiozakiMerge branch 'erp5'
2013-05-22 Cédric de Saint... Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/trac'
2013-05-17 Alain TakoudjouUpdate Boinc according to previous merge
2013-05-17 Alain TakoudjouMerge master into grid-computing
2013-03-21 Alain TakoudjouUpdate BonjourGrid to use new BOINC parameter definition
2013-03-21 Alain TakoudjouUpdate request Boinc-application to use Json parameter
2013-02-15 Alain TakoudjouDon't use empty URL_BASE (BOINC)
2013-02-15 Alain TakoudjouUpgrade BOINC, Condor, Redis and BonjourGrid SR
2013-02-14 Alain TakoudjouAdd certificate to stack boinc
2013-02-14 Alain Takoudjoumerge master into grid-computing-merge
2013-02-11 Alain TakoudjouUses slapos python in bonjourgrid
2013-02-11 Alain TakoudjouSynchronize mutltiple BOINC app deployment
2013-02-11 Alain TakoudjouCorrect instance_guid in request frontend
2013-02-11 Alain TakoudjouUse instance_guid in request frontend
2012-12-17 Alain Takoudjoumove local development parts to boinc software
2012-10-16 Alain Takoudjoufactorize the code of boinc recipe
2012-10-16 Alain Takoudjouremove unused and deprecated apache parameters
2012-10-12 Alain TakoudjouUpdate BOINC, allows to install application with slappa...
2012-10-10 Alain TakoudjouUpdate BOINC configuration files
2012-10-09 Alain Takoudjouresolve template httpd location
2012-10-09 Alain TakoudjouDownload template-httpd with mode 0644
2012-10-09 Alain TakoudjouRestore apache-php ip adress
2012-10-09 Alain TakoudjouUpdate md5sum for apache template
2012-10-09 Alain TakoudjouRestore stunnel port
2012-10-09 Alain TakoudjouUse frontend url instead of ipv6 url for boinc server
2012-10-09 Alain TakoudjouAllow to update wu and deploy a fully boinc-app using...
2012-10-09 Alain TakoudjouUpdate BOINC configuration
2012-10-06 Alain TakoudjouUpdate boinc recipe to use a specified python
2012-10-05 Alain TakoudjouRe-Add content promise to boinc
2012-10-05 Alain TakoudjouUpdate stack boinc according to new apachephp recipe
2012-10-05 Alain TakoudjouMerge branch 'master' into grid-computing
2012-10-04 Alain TakoudjouAdd BOINC content promise
2012-10-04 Alain TakoudjouMerge branch 'master' into grid-computing
2012-09-13 Alain TakoudjouUpdate md5sum of boinc stack
2012-09-13 Alain TakoudjouUpdate Boinc server software and recipe
2012-09-11 Alain TakoudjouMerge branch 'master' into grid-computing
2012-09-11 Alain TakoudjouAdd Git component
2012-09-11 Alain TakoudjouAdd slapos.cookbook develop to Boinc-server
2012-09-11 Alain TakoudjouUpdate and pin version of boinc-server SR
2012-09-11 Alain TakoudjouMake symbolic link instead of copy for boinc-app input...
2012-09-06 Alain TakoudjouUpdate boinc stack
2012-09-02 Alain TakoudjouCreate new stack for Boinc Software Release