description(lab) Resilient, Scalable, IPv6 Network
last changeMon, 25 Jan 2016 15:00:53 +0000 (18:00 +0300)
2016-01-25 Kirill SmelkovPROJECT_MOVED -> master 49abd9c54d266de522054b2ec69d9174a4949f7d
2016-01-25 Julien MuchembledFix issues with DH parameters f4427cf4744a929ac7201b9862123f61f7a4383e
2016-01-21 Julien Muchembledregistry: remove incomplete migration code cc3b7794ca067caa42166c7abb9be5ab693c0126
2016-01-21 Julien Muchembleddebian: "invoke-rc.d re6stnet stop" must not recreate... 2305d5e54c437424cf0dfd61787e98c389682d87
2016-01-20 Julien Muchembledupnp: fix hangs with routers that don't have any free... cd21c7f9e0c4e8cf1b0220ac9e1bf8e94bc865a9
2016-01-20 Julien MuchembledRevert "ship systemd services for Debian" 50829b363a12b21cf046af403ecfea17bf241f16
2016-01-20 Julien MuchembledFix parsing of --registry url with ipv6 host 91f8fb8a779f748101e49939d8a4db1ed2d38fe5
2016-01-13 Julien MuchembledDocument bug causing new version to not be propagated... 0614d1d7ac85fcf722475b1f0f8afb335e0e8b47
2016-01-06 Julien MuchembledFix install of OpenVPN hooks 3ea6efe3e01b300d6a49a51adb62bf1e9cde2158
2016-01-04 Julien Muchembleddist: fix manifest to not include generated manpages 65cda477292251ef0d4063553b8ee65db28f363f
2015-12-30 Julien Muchembleddebian: make changelog more "stable" 5e6ece7290d558086daa4db6e2074497cc022455
2015-12-30 Julien Muchembleddebian: drop support for Python 2.6 c73294c38f2078fff854374f66528a16a89e19a5
2015-12-30 Julien MuchembledUse python2 instead python and fix install for a custom... 8df410f7744fd35b6584142dec3a15023cb4f6e0
2015-12-28 Julien Muchembleddoc: give examples of command to create key/dh files 9f01d5d15e131d8a70ecbf324c8dda10712a9062
2015-12-28 Julien Muchembledrpm: better systemd integration e5d9c4b1d6d0489be8b91ab65c5e65bb3df4ccc7
2015-12-27 Julien Muchembleddist: refactoring, ship systemd services for Debian... 4c2284e2aa0e26ccbcb5e788c81afd6447979acc
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