2012-07-09 Ulysse BeaugnonRemoved propagation references in since...
2012-07-09 Ulysse BeaugnonLog is now on a new module so it can be included anywhere
2012-07-09 Ulysse BeaugnonA bug was solved in : the max-peer option...
2012-07-06 Guillaume BuryStarted ip/cert registry server
2012-07-06 Guillaume BuryMerge branch 'master' of
2012-07-06 Guillaume BuryFixed babel + added log directory
2012-07-06 Ulysse BeaugnonReplace --max-peer with --max-clients
2012-07-06 Guillaume BuryScript starts babel
2012-07-06 Ulysse BeaugnonMerge branch 'master' of
2012-07-06 Ulysse BeaugnonWe now remember the peers connected to us
2012-07-06 Guillaume BuryCorrected some typos
2012-07-06 Ulysse BeaugnonRemove the index on ip in the peers DB : not needed...
2012-07-06 Ulysse BeaugnonBug solved :
2012-07-06 Ulysse BeaugnonThe dead connections are now detected and removed
2012-07-06 Ulysse BeaugnonClients disconnection can now be detected without waiti...
2012-07-06 Ulysse BeaugnonA few bug solved :
2012-07-05 Guillaume BuryAdded fifo to get connect openvpn events
2012-07-05 Guillaume BuryAdded log_message function
2012-07-05 Guillaume BurySmall corrections
2012-07-05 Ulysse BeaugnonstartConnection can now start n random connections...
2012-07-04 Guillaume BuryUsed db for available peers, added interface handling
2012-07-04 Guillaume BuryMerge branch 'master' of
2012-07-04 Guillaume Burycorrections in babel function
2012-07-04 Ulysse BeaugnonMerge branch 'master' of
2012-07-04 Ulysse BeaugnonVifibnet now establish a few random connection from...
2012-07-04 Guillaume BuryRe-added openvpn-args
2012-07-04 Ulysse Beaugnonadding
2012-07-04 Ulysse BeaugnonChanging the configuration of openVPN
2012-07-03 Guillaume BuryCleaner handling of arguments
2012-07-03 Guillaume BuryCleaned project + replaced calls with popen
2012-07-03 Guillaume Burywip
2012-07-03 Ulysse Beaugnonrm a local file
2012-07-03 Ulysse Beaugnonscripts to set up the insterfaces
2012-07-03 Ulysse BeaugnonInitial commit
2012-07-03 Guillaume BuryFirst Commit