doc: give examples of command to create key/dh files
[re6stnet.git] / docs / re6stnet.rst
2015-12-28 Julien Muchembleddoc: give examples of command to create key/dh files
2015-04-16 Julien Muchembleddoc: update 'Troubleshooting' section
2015-04-16 Julien Muchembleddoc: update 'Setting a new network' howto
2015-04-08 Julien MuchembledOur fork of Babeld can now override RTA_(PREF)SRC locally
2014-07-02 Julien MuchembledDocument that firewall must accept UDPv6 port 326
2013-09-27 Julien MuchembledSpeed up bootstrap and reconnection
2013-06-18 Julien MuchembledAdd TROUBLESHOOTING section in man page
2013-03-25 Julien MuchembledWarning about NetworkManager
2013-03-19 Julien MuchembledAdd documentation about ways to daemonize re6stnet
2013-03-15 Julien Muchembledtypos
2012-09-24 Julien MuchembledNew --daemon option
2012-09-12 Julien MuchembledRemove automatic fallback when kernel has no support...
2012-09-06 Julien MuchembledDocumentation
2012-08-30 Julien MuchembledBugfixes
2012-08-10 Ulysse BeaugnonRemoving the bootstrap option from the registry
2012-08-09 Ulysse BeaugnonSevral bug fix
2012-08-07 Ulysse BeaugnonTodo update
2012-08-06 Ulysse BeaugnonBlacklist tunnel connected to us
2012-08-05 Guillaume BuryTODO + MAN pages update
2012-08-03 Guillaume BuryDoc + TODO update
2012-08-03 Guillaume BuryTypos
2012-08-03 Guillaume BuryFixed minor bug in db. Added a HOW TO section in re6stn...
2012-08-02 Guillaume BuryDebian packaging in progress