Fix parsing of --registry url with ipv6 host
[re6stnet.git] / demo /
2015-12-30 Julien MuchembledUse python2 instead python and fix install for a custom...
2015-12-02 Julien Muchembleddemo: don't show meaningless 'odot' arrows for routes
2015-12-02 Julien Muchembleddemo: fix nemu with recent iproute
2015-04-09 Julien MuchembledIncrease strength of hashes used for certificate signing
2015-04-08 Julien MuchembledAdd support for ipv4 payload
2015-04-08 Julien Muchembleddemo: show default route on the route graph
2015-04-08 Julien MuchembledOur fork of Babeld can now override RTA_(PREF)SRC locally
2015-04-03 Julien Muchembleddemo: duplicate code from Nemu for future monkey-patching
2015-03-07 Julien MuchembledBy default, get DH parameters from the registry instead...
2015-03-07 Julien MuchembledMove runtime files to a subdirectory and simplify comma...
2015-03-06 Julien MuchembledSome network option should be the same everywhere so...
2015-02-25 Julien MuchembledNew protocol between nodes with authentication
2015-02-24 Julien Muchembledre6st-conf: new --fingerprint option
2015-02-19 Julien Muchembleddemo: abort quickly if there's an obvious error
2015-02-19 Julien Muchembleddemo: generate certs that expire quickly to check renewal
2015-02-19 Julien Muchembleddemo: add wrapper to easily monkey-patch re6st
2015-02-19 Julien Muchembleddemo: print executed command when re6stnet crashes
2014-10-09 Julien MuchembledUse new control socket of babeld to get routes
2014-10-06 Julien Muchembleddemo: fix command to start recent versions of miniupnpd
2013-11-25 Julien MuchembledNew --neighbour option to make sure given peers are...
2013-11-20 Julien MuchembledDisable UDP protocol by default for OpenVPN tunnels
2013-11-13 Julien MuchembledRevert "Monkey-patch NEMU to fix demo with recent iproute"
2013-10-01 Julien MuchembledMonkey-patch NEMU to fix demo with recent iproute
2013-09-27 Julien MuchembledSpeed up bootstrap and reconnection
2013-05-13 Julien MuchembledAbort in case of unexpected default route
2013-05-13 Julien MuchembledINCOMPATIBLE: change registry protocol
2013-05-13 Julien Muchembleddemo: generate CA cert automatically instead of providi...
2013-03-12 Julien MuchembledNew --remote-gateway option for network redundancy...
2012-09-24 Julien MuchembledNew --daemon option
2012-09-12 Julien MuchembledBetter support of default route
2012-09-11 Julien MuchembledPropagate default route
2012-09-10 Julien MuchembledTest single-ip certs and simplify Babel rules
2012-09-10 Julien Muchembleddemo: generate missing certs automatically
2012-09-10 Julien Muchembled1 dh file is enough for a demo
2012-09-07 Julien Muchembledre6stnet: new --main-interface option
2012-09-07 Julien Muchembledre6stnet: new client-only and routing-only mode
2012-09-06 Julien MuchembledReview some re6stnet options and update demo
2012-09-06 Julien Muchembleddemo: add links between route and tunnels pages
2012-09-06 Julien Muchembledre6stnet: resurrect --client-count and --max-clients
2012-09-06 Julien MuchembledBugfixes, cleanup and improvements
2012-09-03 Julien MuchembledAllow the registry to know the topology, for debugging...
2012-09-03 Julien MuchembledChange protocol to discover addresses of peers to conne...
2012-08-30 Julien MuchembledAdd demo using NEMU