doc: update 'Setting a new network' howto
[re6stnet.git] / re6stnet.spec
2015-04-14 Julien MuchembledNew upstream release of babeld
2015-04-08 Julien MuchembledOur fork of Babeld can now override RTA_(PREF)SRC locally
2014-12-30 Julien MuchembledRotate babeld log
2014-10-20 Julien MuchembledFix typo in RPM spec
2014-10-16 Julien Muchembledbabeld with new control socket is required
2014-07-18 Julien MuchembledNew re6st.version module
2014-07-02 Julien MuchembledSwitch RTT-based metric for routing
2013-06-11 Julien MuchembledLoosen version contraint to Python for Fedora
2013-06-03 Julien MuchembledTighten pyOpenSSL dependency for OpenSSL.crypto.verify()
2012-12-10 Julien MuchembledPackage for RPM-based distributions and add missing...