2011-06-08 Priscila Manhaes refactor to remove unsed variable
2011-06-08 Priscila Manhaesrefactor to use cloudoootestcase
2011-06-08 Priscila Manhaesrefactor to cloudoootestcase
2011-06-07 Priscila Manhaesrefactor to cloudoootestcase
2011-06-07 Priscila Manhaesrefator to use cloudoootestcase
2011-06-07 Priscila ManhaesRefactor to verify files that does not informe destinat...
2011-06-07 Priscila ManhaesFinished refactor to adapt to new testcase
2011-06-07 Priscila Manhaes refator to take off run_generate method cause its...
2011-06-03 Priscila Manhaes refactor to new methods from testcase
2011-06-03 Priscila Manhaesadded run_generator method to tests
2011-06-03 Priscila Manhaesimplemented new method to test run_convert
2011-06-02 Priscila Manhaesfixed tests name from pdfhandler
2011-06-02 Priscila Manhaesfixed tests name from imagemagickhandler
2011-06-02 Priscila Manhaesfixed tests name from ffmpeghandler
2011-06-02 Priscila Manhaesfixed test names of OOOHandler
2011-06-01 Priscila Manhaesrefactor to use testFaultGetMetadata from new testcase
2011-06-01 Priscila Manhaesimplemented test for fault into getMetadata
2011-06-01 Priscila ManhaesTYPO
2011-06-01 Priscila Manhaesrefactor for using cloudoootestcase into convert, getMe...
2011-06-01 Priscila Manhaescreate method for testing scenarios of conversion that...
2011-06-01 Priscila Manhaes changed updatemetadata request
2011-06-01 Priscila Manhaesrefactor for new 'updatemetadata' method
2011-06-01 Priscila Manhaesrefactor for new 'updatemetadata' method
2011-05-31 Priscila Manhaesrefactor for using cloudoootestcase
2011-05-31 Priscila Manhaesrefactor to use cloudoootestcase
2011-05-31 Priscila ManhaesAdded commentaries
2011-05-31 Priscila Manhaesmodified for receiving base_document into _getMetadata
2011-05-31 Priscila Manhaessolve zip problem in convert
2011-05-30 Priscila Manhaesrefactor for using cloudoootestcase
2011-05-30 Priscila Manhaesrefactor for using cloudoootestcase
2011-05-30 Priscila Manhaesmodified some names
2011-05-30 Priscila Manhaes refactor for using cloudoootestcase
2011-05-30 Priscila Manhaesrefactor to use cloudoootestcase
2011-05-30 Priscila Manhaesmodified for verifing connetion, added make_suite for...
2011-05-25 Priscila Manhaesadded extra information for using FFMPEGHandler
2011-05-25 Priscila ManhaesAdded generic test case for cloudooo
2011-05-25 Priscila ManhaesModified for new structure
2011-05-24 Rafael MonneratUpdate Change log.
2011-05-24 Rafael MonneratFix Changelog year mistake.
2011-05-24 Rafael MonneratMerge Handler README into Main README.
2011-05-24 Rafael MonneratUpdate repository and paths.
2011-05-24 Rafael MonneratRemove README.txt from handlers.
2011-05-24 Rafael MonneratSimplify and reorganise, Use util.util was overkill.
2011-05-24 Rafael MonneratMove tests to root of cloudooo.
2011-05-24 Rafael MonneratRemove empty CHANGES.txt from handlers.
2011-05-24 Rafael MonneratRemove from handlers.
2011-05-24 Rafael MonneratAdd new entry-points.
2011-04-29 Gabriel Monneratincrease loop to parallel requests
2011-04-18 Gabriel Monneratupdate key according to r45562
2011-04-18 Gabriel Monneratremove duplicated attribute
2011-04-18 Mario Jorge... getImage test with doc.
2011-04-18 Mario Jorge... Remove cache.
2011-04-18 Mario Jorge... Put a default source_format in getTable and always...
2011-04-18 Mario Jorge... New implementation to getImageItemList.
2011-04-18 Mario Jorge... Change testGetImageItemList to expect the new return...
2011-04-18 Mario Jorge... New tests to granulate files .doc
2011-04-18 Mario Jorge... Files to new tests with .doc.
2011-04-15 Priscila Manhaesadding TODO file cause ffmpeg has no support for midi...
2011-04-15 Mario Jorge... New test to getColumnItemList.
2011-04-15 Priscila Manhaes TYPO
2011-04-15 Priscila ManhaesAdding logger error for convert method
2011-04-15 Priscila ManhaesRefactor acording to r45491
2011-04-15 Gabriel Monneratrefactor to don't use plurals, use sample and util...
2011-04-14 Gabriel Monneratthe process must be stopped after tests
2011-04-14 Priscila Manhaesrefactor to remove index that do not need anymore
2011-04-14 Gabriel Monneratadd option to not ignore files used by tests
2011-04-14 Priscila Manhaesimplemented setMetadata for ffmpeghandler
2011-04-14 Priscila Manhaescommited remainder code that should be in r45441
2011-04-14 Priscila Manhaesrevert part of r45441 because it should not be commited...
2011-04-14 Priscila Manhaesrefactor to fix bug of ffmpeg with webm format
2011-04-11 Priscila ManhaesRefactor to be more compreensive about how to use ffmpe...
2011-04-11 Priscila ManhaesAdding readme information for ffmpeg
2011-04-08 Gabriel Monneratrevert r45210. useless code
2011-04-07 Gabriel Monneratadd function to stop a paster process that is listening...
2011-04-06 Priscila ManhaesImplemented getMetadata and setMetadata tests for interface
2011-04-06 Priscila ManhaesRefactor code for not only expecting video but also...
2011-04-06 Priscila ManhaesChanged test for using cloudooo server
2011-04-06 Priscila ManhaesCreated tests for audio convertion into ffmpeg
2011-04-05 Nicolas Delaby* Embed testing documents in package.
2011-04-05 Gabriel Monneratlock openoffice before the conversion only
2011-04-04 Gabriel Monneratfix name. The variable was renamed in r45074
2011-04-04 Gabriel Monneratadd repository url and move dependency for each package
2011-04-04 Nicolas DelabyOptimisation to avoid duplicates filter in --mimemaper...
2011-04-01 Gabriel Monneratremove not used imports
2011-04-01 Gabriel Monneratclean up the code
2011-04-01 Nicolas DelabyFix description
2011-04-01 Nicolas Delabyrelease 0.2 to enable the bootstraping of this handler...
2011-04-01 Nicolas Delaby* not only openoffice
2011-04-01 Nicolas DelabyFix rst
2011-04-01 Nicolas Delabyrelease 1.2.3
2011-04-01 Nicolas DelabyUpdate Interfaces to improve API and support of multipl...
2011-03-31 Gabriel Monneratupdate the format list
2011-03-31 Gabriel Monneratrename attribute
2011-03-31 Gabriel Monneratfix package name
2011-03-31 Gabriel Monneratindent the code following pep8
2011-03-31 Gabriel Monneratfix attribute name
2011-03-31 Nicolas Delaby* import mimemapper instance from its new location
2011-03-31 Nicolas DelabyAll specific code to bootstrap ooo handler must be...
2011-03-31 Nicolas DelabyCreate new method to bootstrap the Handler at startup
2011-03-31 Nicolas DelabyMove this configuration file to ease its loading from...